Thursday, 25 May 2017

My first coat - softshell Zipfeljacke Bella

Our youngest girl needed a new coat. Although we have two girls and both girls are born in the same month, you might expect that for our second daughter we don't need much new clothes. That is not always the case, sometimes I miss certain items. This was the case for the coat. I wanted to make a softshell coat which are very useful in our Dutch summers. It is either very hot and we don't wear a coat, or it is cold and raining, enter the softshell coat.
I came across the softshell coat that HipenHeppie made. I loved her version. She used a free pattern, the Zipfeljacke Bella from Rabaukennaht. I love the colour blocking of the coat and the hood, it looks so cute with the drawstings attached to it. 
The original pattern is with buttons instead of a zipper, but as HipenHeppie explains, it can be changed quite easily. Of course that was not the only change that I wanted to make I also wanted to add a collar. I wanted a coat with both a collar and a hood.
So when I traced the pattern I changed a couple of things:
I added 1,5 cm to the sides on the front where the zipper comes (for the zipper)
* I added 2 cm to the bottom of the pattern pieces as I did not wanted a reversible coat. I folded the bottom first 1 cm and then again 1 cm before I sewed the bottom.
* I did not add seam allowance to the outside of the hood as I sewed a bias band to the hood
* I added a collar piece by cutting a rectangular piece a bit shorter than the inside of the hood and 10 cm high, I measured this after I had sewed the hood on
* Additionally, do not forget to add seam allowance to the pattern pieces as seam allowance is not included
I followed the pattern until after the hood was added. Then I cut the pattern piece for the collar and sewed the collar with the right side on the inside of the hood. Then I sewed the zipper to the coat and the collar. After the zipper I sewed the bias band (keperband) to the zipper. After that was finished I folded the collar, wrong sides together, and folded the collar over the seam from the hood.
I also changed the way the sleeves were sewed. I wanted to show the inside of the nice soft softshell fabric therefore I decided to just fold the bottom of the sleeves twice and then sewed a few stitches so that it would stay put.
I bought the green softshell fabric already three years ago in Groningen at Jan Sikkes Stoffen en Gordijnen. Again it took me 3,5 years to use the fabric for a coat. The softshell fabric with the birds is from Hoofs, one of my local fabric stores. I thought it would perfectly fit with the green fabric. I can not sew a garment without colour blocking, so I always need at least two different fabrics. I have enough fabric of both left to sew another softshell coat (at least I hope so).
Fabric: Green softshell from Jan Sikkes in Groningen, the softshell fabric with the birds comes from Hoofs in Den Bosch.
Pattern: a free pattern the Zipfeljacke Bella from Rabaukennaht (in German, but with a great photo tutorial)

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Petit four - a new dress by Duchess and Hare

I know many of you love ruffles, I on the other hand, do not like ruffles to be honest. But then I tested the new dress by Duchess and Hare, the Petit Four Dress. I actually like this type of ruffle. It is not the flowy knit type of ruffle but a nicely lined modern type of ruffle, at least that is how I see it.

The Petit Four is a cotton dress, with two front options (ruffles or scallops) and two sleeves (sleeveless and short sleeves), sizes 2-10, and there is a free apron as an additional bonus (I did not make the apron). The dress has a modern, yet vintage feel to it. It has the cutest sleeves, but is quite different from the dresses that I normally sew for our girls. Yet I love the classic look of the dress. The sleeves and the V-shaped back give it a different look from other dresses.
I made the dress with the ruffles option with a color blocked back and with short sleeves. This time it took some time to find the fabric that was a nice combination for this dress. I found my fabric, but then saw that I did not have enough fabric, so I had to be creative this time. Instead of cutting the skirt piece on the fold I cut too pieces (and added seam allowance) and sewed the two pieces together, can you tell in the pictures?
The dress can give a different look with different types of fabric. I prefer a modern feel for either the dress or the fabric, so I picked out a fabric with geometric stripes. Most testers used a vintage type of fabric, which gives the dress a totally different feel. The fabric for the skirt is not a thin cotton type of fabric but is a cotton sateen, which does not mean much to me, but it is a heavier type of cotton, which makes the skirt stand out a bit. I really like the look of the skirt. It is for sale through Sunday!
Fabric: the fabric with the animals on it comes from Tis Lifestyle. I already made a sleeping bag of this fabric (see below) one of many that I have made.
The orange fabric with geometric strips is orange tatimi stripes by Michael Miller fabric that I bought at modes4u, almost 3,5 years ago.
Pattern: Petit Four Dress by Duchess and Hare

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Mantica Dress by Sofilantjes

The Mantica Tunic and Dress by Sofilantjes* is here! (Also the Dutch pattern is available) You might think did I not just recently see a new pattern from Sofilantjes? Indeed, the Sylva Top and Tunic was just released a couple of weeks ago. Anne (the designer of Sofilantjes) is on a roll. The Mantica Dress is a dress with an awesome back detail. As you might know all patterns by Sofilantjes have latin names. Mantica means backpack in latin.
I think the back is great, there are actually 3 different back options. Those who love colour blocking can go all the way with this dress. With the first option the back is divided in two pieces, the upper part and the lower part. I made this option, so scroll down to see pictures of this option. With the second option the upper back detail is extended in the lower part, so that you see a vertical line in the back. For the last option the back is made of one piece. You can sew many dresses with different back details.
Additionally, there are different options for the skirt. You can make a short dress, a gathered skirt on tunic length and a gathered skirt with dress length. So the Mantica Tunic and Dress is a pattern with many many options. I love those patterns, because you can use it for different types of dresses. I don't like to make a pattern twice, unless there are different options. How often do you use a pattern?
Every time I am amazed how Anne from Sofilantjes comes up with again a new pattern that is different and looks amazing! This dress again has a new detail and is easily put together. Just be careful when you attach the front straps to the back straps that nothing is turned when you are done. It almost happened to me...
I had the tree fabric already in my stash for almost 3 years. I am doing well in sewing those pieces of fabric that I already have for some time and making room for some new fabrics ;). My daughter just loves the dress and it is already packed for our holiday to Italy, hopefully it is warm enough so she can wear it. It is definitely a new favorite!
Fabric: Nooteboom (I think) which I bought almost 3 years ago
Pattern: Mantica Tunic and Dress by Sofilantjes

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Monday, 10 April 2017

Show Your Stoff Blog Tour

Today I am showing you two patterns from Zierstoff Patterns*. The Greta Tunic and the Mina Shorts. Both patterns are great for summer sewing. We were just planning a trip to Indonesia when I was looking at the patterns, so I got very inspired to sew some summer garments.
First up is the Greta Tunic. It is a tunic which is great for summer to put over a swimsuit at the beach for example. When I saw the Greta Tunic I just thought it would just be perfect for our eldest. I like the loose fit, it just flows nicely. An added bonus is the quick sew, only attaching the facing in the front might take some time. 

The fabric was already in my stash for almost years. I loved it when I saw it online, but once it was in my hands I found it difficult to combine with other fabrics and did not find a pattern that fitted the fabric. When I saw this pattern I thought the fabric was just perfect for it.
The Mina shorts are an even quicker sew than the Greta Tunic. Within 2 hours I cut the pattern, chose the fabric (which always takes some time) and sewed the garment. The only downside was the fabric that I choose, it has some lines in it and of course I wanted the lines to line up. So I had to unpick for a couple of times before I was satisfied.
The shorts are perfect for summer weather. As you can see in the picture of the back of the shorts I had another issue when sewing the shorts. The waistband was a bit short. So therefore I sewed another piece of fabric in the back. It also makes it easier for our girl to identify the back when she is putting it on. I like the extra color in the waistband.
What I like about the shorts is the fit and the quick sew. You can easily make a couple for summer. And the result looks like a nice store bought garment, but then with nice unique fabric.
You can buy any of the Zierstoff Patterns with 30% discount in April, use the code MahlicaDesigns30. 

The rest of the week more bloggers will show you one of the many patterns by Zierstoff Patterns. Make sure to have a look. There is such a wide variety of patterns.

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Thursday April 13- Very Blissful, Sew A Piece of Joy, Zowie Zo, Nina Makes, Thread and Scissors

Friday April 14- Tales of a Tester; Anne-Mari Sews; Bless, by Tone; Life Sew Savory; Needles to Say, Adventures with Bubba and Bug

Saturday April 15- Sprouting Jube Jube, Musings of A Seamstress, Stitches by Laura; Tea, Dust and Stitches, Anna's Heirloom Boutique, Ronda B Handmade, Glitter in my Coffee

Monday, 3 April 2017

Tulip Trio Top and Dress

The Tulip Trio* from LittleKiwisCloset is here! The name of the pattern says it already there are all sorts of trios in the options. 
There are three lengths: top, dress or a drop waist top with skirt.
There are three types of sleeves: cap sleeves, tulip sleeves and long sleeves.
So many possibilities to mix and match. I love patterns with many options. What I also really like about this pattern is the versatility of the pattern. You can use different fabrics for all the different pattern pieces, which I of course LOVE. But you can also use one colour for the top pattern pieces for example to give it a completely different look.
First up I made the dress with the tulip sleeves, I think they are so cute. However, they caused some troubles for me. First I sewed the binding on the tulip sleeves on the wrong side, they have to be sewn on the button of the sleeve, I sewed them on the top of the sleeves... on ALL four of them. After I unpicked the binding, I started again and after I finished I noticed that I did it again for one of the sleeves, I again sewed the binding on the top of the sleeve. So I had to unpick it again, ugh! Luckily things went much better after that.

After the dress I made a top with long sleeves. It was such a quick sew. I think in total I finished it all (including cutting) in less than 1,5 hours. How great is that! The Tulip Trio comes in a wide range of sizes, from New Born until 12 years, so it is a pattern that you can use for a long time. It is on sale for $8 until the 10th of April.

I really like the different feel the top and dress have. The different fabrics that I have used make a big difference. The Top also flares out a bit, just like the dress. I really like that, and so do my kids. Our oldest then still feels she is wearing a dress, but just a t-shirt dress. She is really a dress kind a girl. The fabric I used for the neck binding is just regular knit/jersey, which is great because finding the right color of binding is sometimes difficult.
Pattern: Tulip Trio by LittleKiwisCloset, sizes NB-12Y
Fabric: Summer Forest from Lillestoff and again some scraps for the dress. For the top the black and white giraffes were a coupon that I bought at the Madeline de stoffenmadam

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Friday, 31 March 2017

Sylva Top and Tunic Release

The moment was there, I was picked to be a pattern tester for a Sofilantjes* pattern, how great is that?! I was over the moon excited about it!
The Sylva Top and Tunic* (English pattern, Dutch pattern)  is here and all I can say is we love the pattern. I have to admit, the first time I saw the pattern I was a bit underwhelmed. The patterns by Sofilantjes are always awesome, great fit and just great designs. But then I made the first top and I fell in love with the pattern when our eldest put it on. It is just a lovely top!
What I like about the Sylva Top and Tunic is that it is an easy sew but looks sophisticated, it is great for a lot of colour blocking with all those small scraps. And you can create different feels by using different fabrics for the right or left sleeve or for the front and back, or the sleeves and the top part of the bodice or the binding. So many options.
An added bonus is that the front and the back are identical, which is perfect for kids dressing themselves, she can put it on herself without having the chance of putting it on backwards. And this also holds for fathers (at least in our house the dad sometimes finds it difficult to see what is the front and back if there is not any label or cameo sticker inside the homemade piece of clothing). Is he the only one having this problem?
The Sylva Top and Tunic comes in Top length and a Tunic length with short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves. The 3/4 sleeves and long sleeves have great colour blocking elements in the sleeves as well. Additionally you can make it with a hood or with a V-neck in sizes 12M-14. I made the V-neck with short sleeves in size 2.
Pattern: Sylva Top and Tunic by Sofilantjes
Fabric: The two fabrics for the sleeves came from my own stash, I have used them already in some of my other projects. The bottom fabric with the birds comes from Miranda from Inspinration, I picked it up in during our sewing weekend (where we exchanged fabrics we did not like anymore)

Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission (same price for you). Thank you for supporting my fabric and pattern addiction!

Monday, 20 March 2017

A comfortable Jasper Dress

After seeing the Jasper Dress (and sweater) from Paprika Patterns by Rachel (from Maak het met Rachel) and Maartje (from Huisje Boompje Boefjes) and also the Jasper sweater by Maartje (from Huisje Boompje Boefjes) I was convinced to buy the pattern. I love that type of dress, it is comfortable and warm during the winter and still looks nice (at least I think so).

In the end I love the result of the dress. I can wear it inside the house, it is so cosy, but is nice enough to wear it to work. I bought the fabric at Hoofs close to my hometown. During our sewing weekend, when I made this dress I came across some nice leftovers from others (Marie-Paule from So Popo Sew and St├ęphanie from Naaiz!), which turned out to be a perfect match with my fabric. A winning combination was born!

Changes I made to the pattern:
* More narrow sleeves, I made the pattern in size 2-3 and took the smallest sleeve size (size 1), they are just perfect.
* I shortened the sleeves with 1 cm, still they are nice and long, the way I like it.
* I made a more fitted dress by taking around 2 cm from each side. I often make this change to dresses when the fit is not as fitted as I would like.
* I also lengthened the dress with a couple of cm, this is just because I think a longer dress looks better on me. I saw on other blogs that the length of the dress ends about halfway on the upper leg. I prefer my dresses to be just above the knee.

Pattern: Jasper Sweater/Dress by Paprika Patterns
* main fabric is a combination between sweat and fleece (from the inside), which I bought at Hoofs in Den Bosch
* the side panels are made from a scrap (quite big) by Marie-Paule from So Popo Sew
* the inside of the pockets are also made from a scrap, they were from St├ęphanie from Naaiz!

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