Monday, 15 January 2018

Brianna Dress - DG Patterns Blog Tour

I have a soft spot for asymmetrical patterns. So when I saw the Brianna Dress by DG Patterns* I instantly loved it. Today I am part of the DG patterns blog tour. We are all showing one of the patterns by DG patterns. At the bottom of the post you can see who else is participating, a discount code by our sponsor Southern Bell Fabrics and the fabric giveaway. Enjoy!
The Brianna Dress has two asymmetrical features, the dress itself has a asymmetrical shape and there is an asymmetrical neckline option. It also has a round and a V-shape neckline option, so there are three different necklines from which you can choose. I of course chose the asymmetrical neckline.
Usually when I start with a pattern I cut my pattern pieces before I start reading the instructions, I know, not always the best approach. This time I browsed through the instructions and luckily I found out in time that you have to tape two pattern pieces together before cutting the fabric. Other than that, the dress is an easy sew and the result looks great. There is a sale during the tour, use FRESHSTART50 to get a discount of 50% on your purchase!
There are several sleeve lengths included in the pattern, short sleeve, elbow sleeve and long sleeve length. I chose the long sleeve length. Still I found them a bit short for my liking. I attached a piece of petrol fabric to the end of my sleeves, just like I did previously in this t-shirt. However, I did not like the result the dress looked more like a nightgown that a nice dress. I am always intrigued to see that certain things are great on some garments and fabric, while they turn out completely different with a different pattern or piece of clothing. So after looking at several length options I decided to just sew on a small piece at the end of the sleeves. I am happy with the result.
The dress is designed for jersey fabric. This time I followed the instructions in the pattern and used a soft jersey. I think the dress is very flattering (you do not see anything from the Christmas eating festivities), it looks great and is still very comfortable to wear. Definitely a dress I sew again. This time I used a fabric with a busy graphic. Below you see the Brianna dress in a uni-coloured fabric, a totally different result.
Fabric: Spark, Aqua by Nosh (I order directly at Nosh, but they do not sell it anymore)
Pattern: Brianna Dress by DG Patterns

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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Louise sweater for mini and midi

When I saw the Louise sweater from Misusu I fell in love right away and wanted to test the pattern, but unfortunately I did not have time at that moment. So I had to wait until it was released. Then I bought it right away. But this is how it always goes with new patterns with me. I plan to sew them right away, but then either a new pattern is released that I again buy or a pattern test gets in the way and the pattern moves down the list. It took me a couple of months before I sewed the Louise sweater. 
Because I love the pattern so much I decided to sew one for our youngest and one for our eldest. Twinning with the girls!
I really like the Louise sweater, it is such a different pattern than anything I have seen so far. I love the high-low hem, the fact that you can combine different types of fabric (jersey with woven), the kangaroo pocket in the front, and the pleat that makes the back look great. I really feel that the patterns by Misusu are unique. I have a couple more patterns from Misusu that are on my list to sew. Let's see how quickly I will sew them up. The only disadvantage of these patterns is that they do not fit the requirements of our eldest daughter. It is not a dress that can twirl, so let's see if I can convince her.
I sewed both sweaters with sweat fabric, so they can wear it during winter. Most of the fabric I had in my own stash, although just a tiny piece, the cuffs and lining of the pocket of the sweater for our eldest daughter came from the exchange pile during our sewing weekend. Since I sewed the sweaters during our weekend I went through the pile to find fabric that matched my other fabric.  
Fabric: all fabric came from my stash, so a perfect way to decrease my stash!
Pattern: Louise sweater by Misusu

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Bellavista Top - Itch to Stitch

A new pattern by Itch to Stitch, my absolute favourite so far! I have worn my sweater a lot since we tested it in December and I get a lot of compliments about it. So here is the Bellavista Top by Itch to Stitch!

The Bellavista top is a pattern for a sweater or a knit top. It flares out at the bottom that makes the sweater so flattering. You can make the top with a cowl, like I did, or without it with a simple neckband. Another great feature of this pattern is the option to color block. The top has a separate center panel, which you can see in my sweater, which gives you the possibility to color clock the top if you like. Another option is to color block the cowl like I did. 
I bought my fabric at Cares Stoffen. It looks like a knitted sweater, but it is fabric with two layers. A knitted layer and a regular layer of stretch fabric. This makes me love the sweater so much, it is as if I wear a knitted sweater, without actually doing all the knitting! For the cowl I used the wrong side of the fabric which gives the feel as if I am wearing a shawl, however it is part of the sweater. 
The sweater is an easy sew and it just fits perfectly, like all patterns by Itch to Stitch! Keep in mind the thickness of the fabric when you are going to sew the cowl of the sweater. The cowl is double layered which easily gives it a comfy nice cowl even with just thinner fabric.

Fabric: knitted fabric from Cares Stoffen

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Two Groove dresses in one week!

I have a large pile of patterns (so to speak as most of them are digital). I keep track of my patterns and try to sew a new pattern every month, as the pile of patterns keeps growing. Every time I am persuaded to buy a pattern and before I have sewed it I have bought a new one. Anybody else has this same problem?
But this time it was different. Our eldest girl started school and two days before the week started I came up with the idea to sew her a 'first day at school' outfit. I started looking for a pattern that confirmed to the strict rules of our daughter. 1) it has to be dress, 2) it has to be a dress in which she can dance, which means it has to twirl. And it should be an easy sew as I only had the weekend, in which also the birthday party was planned, so not too much time to sew. 
I came across the Groove Dress from Madeit Patterns and thought it would be the perfect fit. I bought it on Saturday morning and sewed the first Groove dress within 24 hours. That has never happened to me before. Sewing a pattern so quickly! I love the dress, it is different from the other dresses that twirl and it flows so nice.
One thing I was struggling with was the large amount of fabric, or I should say the wide piece of fabric that you need. I almost always sew from my stash and I do not buy large pieces of fabric when I go fabric shopping. I prefer pieces of 70 cm at the moment. This gives me a challenge when I start sewing (I love this challenge by the way). Inspired by the Groove Dress from Inspinration I decided to cut the Groove Dress in several pieces so that I had enough fabric.
Because I loved the result so much I decided to sew another Groove Dress. This time in more winter suitable fabric. We had another sewing weekend and I used all scraps from other people to sew this dress. You might recognize the fabric on the lower right from the Maggie Dress from Inspinration. Again I cut the Groove Dress in several pieces, this time to fit the pieces I had. This became a blue inspired dress. You can see that the type of fabric makes the dresses look different from each other. I know more Groove dresses will follow in the future for sure!
Fabric: Lions from Lillestoff which I bought at Cas en Nina last year during our sewing weekend for the yellow lion dress and scraps from other people at our sewing weekend for the blue dress.
Pattern: Groove Dress by Madeit Patterns

Monday, 18 December 2017

DIY Christmas Toys blog tour: Urban Jungle Bunny & Lion (+ giveaway!)

This week I am part of the Best Homemade Christmas Toy Sewing Patters blog tour. This blog tour is hosted by Seams Sew Lo and is sponsored by Phat Quarters fabric and Seamingly Smitten (see the end of the post for the giveaway!). I am excited to be part of this tour and sewed two urban dolls for this blog tour. Our girls love them and have been carrying them around the house all day!
I love sewing toys and stuffed animals. I have sewed quite a few stuffed animals already, but these were mostly before my blog started. Sewing stuffed animals usually takes a bit more time, but the result is always so rewarding. Our kids just love it when I make toys or stuffed animals for them!
For this tour I sewed the Urban Jungle Crew by Petit a Petit + Family. You have probably already seen one or two. It is a paid pattern that makes big stuffed animals (big as in 76 cm (!) long). You can see in the pictures how cute the big animals are. They are almost as tall as our youngest daughter.

Of course as stubborn as I can be I made the pattern with stretch fabric (officially it should be made with woven fabric or fabric with little stretch). I wanted the animals to be from cuddly soft fabric and of course I let my eldest daughter choose the animal and fabric for her animal. I bought crew 04 which includes a bunny, a lion and a dog. Our eldest choose the bunny in some stretchy teddy fabric. The bunny turned out a bit bigger as expected. Overall this is not a problem, only for the clothing. There is a basic clothing set included, a t-shirt and baggy trouser pattern. I made a t-shirt, a dress (I lengthened the t-shirt) and a skirt. The skirt is basically a rectangular piece of fabric with elastic at the top. Our eldest loves the fact that she can dress the animals. I have another set waiting to be sewn, but I found the first set a bit too tight so I will adapt the set that I have already cut. Maybe it is due to the fact that I made the dolls from fabric with more stretch. I would recommend first measuring your animal and measuring the pattern pieces before sewing it together. I will enlarge the next set of clothing that I will sew.
For the lion I used fleece fabric, which did not have as much stretch and therefore became smaller. It was also easier to work with. For the manes I took a different approach. The pattern recommend using non-fray fabric for the manes. I used a hairy piece of fabric that once was a vest I bought for a dance show. Instead of cutting the mane pattern piece once, I folded the fabric and attached it to the front and back of the head.
Fabric: all from my own stash, mostly from making my previous stuffed animals. The clothing was made from scraps from other projects.
Pattern: Urban Jungle Crew 04 by Petit a Petit + Family
We are all excited about our DIY Christmas Toy Blog Tour based on the blog post Best Homemade Toys to Make for Christmas Presents! Please visit all of the wonderful bloggers on our tour to get more toy ideas for your little ones!
  1. December 11th: Intro by Seams Sew Lo
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  5. December 15th: Threadistry
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  8. December 20th: Kathy's Quilts and More
  9. December 21st: Just Delphine
  10. December 22nd: Sewing by Ti
  11. Decmeber 23rd: Seams Sew Lo
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Sunday, 17 December 2017

Free Pattern: Upcycled Pompi Pants

I met Gabi from The Minimi Project in 2016 during our first sewing weekend. In the beginning of this year we met again during the second edition of our sewing weekend. The idea behind The Minimi Project is that they develop sewing patterns for repurposing/upcycling clothes. Gabi is such a great lady she already showed us during our sewing weekends how easy it can be to upcycle old clothes into great new ones. 
I believe the first promo pompipants were made during our sewing weekend in February. During summer Gabi posted some more pompipants she made on Instagram. I loved them right away, you know, that color blocking thing. When she asked if people wanted to test the pattern I volunteered right away. This also gave me an excuse to sew something for our youngest daughter. She is sometimes left behind a bit as her big sister because a lot of patterns start at 1 year. And although she is almost 2 years (when I sewed these pants, she is 2 years now), her chest is still in the 9-12M range.
Making photos of small kids is so much more difficult than for our older kids. Don't you think? It is difficult for them to stay still, so most photos are a bit blurry. And listening to instructions... usually I try to have somebody else around to steer them in the right directions. But unfortunately that is not always possible.
Let's talk about these pompi pants. It is a free pattern and comes in the range 3 months to 3 years! The unique part of these parts are the color blocked back which are great for scraps or for some of your old clothes you want to keep and treasure.
I love the idea of repurposing clothes. I actually have lots and lots (and lots) of old clothes that I save to make something new from. Sometimes it is actually easier to empty out my own closet if I know I can make something new from it. Although the upcycling pile mostly grows and only occasionally diminishes. 
I took an old vest from myself and used that for the legs of the pompipants. The ribbing and the small part on the back of the pants are new fabrics. The pompipants are a really quick sew, I taped the pattern, cut the fabric and sewed the pompipants I think within the hour. Aren't these quick sews great?!
Fabric: upcycled an old vest from my upcycle-stash and "Gorgeous graphic" sweat fabric by Poppy from the Stoffenstraat
Pattern: Unisex Pompi Pants by The Minimi Project

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Free Uvita Top by Itch to Stitch

Patterns by Itch to Stitch are always an addition to my closet. I have already sewn the Brasov top and Newport Top and both are on my list of favorite garments to wear. So I expect the new free Uvita Top* by Itch to Stitch to become a runner up on my list. 
The new Uvita Top by Itch to Stitch is a dropped shoulder top with a relaxed fit. You can make it with 3/4 sleeves or long sleeves and has a beautiful wide neckline. It is an easy sew which is always great. Sometimes difficult pattern are a nice challenge, but sometimes it is great to finish a pattern within the hour.
I slightly hacked the Uvita Top as I did not have enough fabric, when do I have enough?! But the result is always the best when I am forced to be creative. I used the line for the 3/4 length sleeves for the main fabric and added the uni color fabric for the long sleeve length. I love it! Colour blocked garments always make my heart beat faster! 
I sewed this top during our last sewing day, where we meet during the day with a couple of friends and our mothers (who also sew). It is always a great day of sewing and talking. This t-shirt was one of the two projects I made during that day. Miranda (from Inspinration) made the pictures so I didn't have to bother my husband for my pictures this time. 

As I said the Uvita Top is free, additionally there is a 20% discount in the store with the code bye2017. Enjoy!

Fabric: I bought this fabric, not sure which designer it comes from, last summer at Hoofs in Den Bosch

* Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, the price for you will be the same. Thank you for supporting my fabric and pattern addiction!
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