Sunday, 17 September 2017

Brasov Wrap Top by Itch to Stitch

I love the patterns by Itch to Stitch because the patterns are those staple patterns you just need in your wardrobe and because the fit of the patterns is spot on! I was very happy when I was selected to be a tester for the Brasov Wrap Top.
The Brasov wrap top is a really modest top, perfect for fall. Although already a couple of the other testers also made it with short sleeves. So you can use it for any type of weather. I would wear the top at home but I can also wear it to work, an added bonus. I like the cross over part at the bottom of the top. I again used my coverlock with two different colours to finish the hem.
Sewing the top is a bit of a precise work with the pleats. The end result looks so professional. An important part for this top is the type of fabric. Depending of the drape of the fabric the look of the top changes.
Fabric: petrol jersey, no idea where I bought it
Pattern: Brasov wrap top by Itch to Stich

Monday, 28 August 2017

#118 Autumn dress by Thread Faction Studio

The #118 Autumn Dress from Thread Faction Studio is here! Patterns from Thread Faction Studio are clean and classic patterns. The #118 Autumn Dress is a dress with ¾ sleeves and a higher waistline. 
The gathered waistline is sewed with clear elastic. This was a first for me. This video was suggested in the test group and it has a perfect tip: leave a long thread at the beginning of the fabric so you can pull the fabric from the back. I can definitely recommend this video if you are sewing with clear elastic.
I sewed two dresses during testing, however after the first version the dress has changed quite a bit. The final dress is the green dress. The red dress was the first version of the pattern. As you can see one of the changes was the length of the dress. The first dress was quite short, but can still be worn with leggings underneath.
What I like about the pattern is the clear finish of the neckline. In the pattern you wrap the binding around the edge of the neckline, so no seams on the inside of the dress. If you buy the pattern before Sunday evening August 3rd you get pattern #103 High Waisted Shorties for free.
These dresses were perfect to try out my new coverlock! It is just perfect! The neckline with the coverlock looks so much more professional and is easier than with a twin needle.
Fabric: Red fabric with triangles comes from Megastoffen and the green fabric was a coupon at Cares Stoffen.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Free Sideswipeskirt - Duck Butt Designs

Sometimes you have these designers, which patterns you just love! Duck Butt Designs is one of those designers for me. I just love all of their color blocking! I have applied for every test they had the last couple of months. And last week I was chosen to be a tester. I was over the moon to test for Duck Butt Designs!
The skirt that was being tested was the Sideswipe Skirt (3M-12Y), which is part of the other Sideswipe patterns. Only this pattern is for free, for one week only! Join the DBD Facebook group for the code. The Sideswipe patterns have the look of colorblocking but do not have any extra seams than regular patterns. It is such an innovative idea! I really like it! 
It is an asymmetrical design with only one pocket on one side. I really like clothing that can pull of asymmetry. This skirt is just perfect and fits very well, even over a cloth diaper. The great part of the skirt is that you can make it in knit/jersey or in woven. 
I tested the 9M skirt for our almost 2 year old. It is an such a quick and easy sew and it has pockets! Even our youngest starts looking for pockets when she has new clothes on. You can choose between a yoga, fold over or elastic waistband and there are two different lengths of the skirt. I made the yoga waistband and the longer skirt. So our youngest can wear it during all of winter. I made a 9M with a 18M length.

Fabric: Poppy Flower by Lillestoff and some leftovers from other projects
Pattern: Join the DBD Facebook group to get the Sideswipe Skirt by Duck Butt Designs for free, for one week only!

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Color block Nina skirt for me!

You probably would not know that I really like the patterns by Compagnie-M. I have sewn al lot of patterns by Compagnie-M, but I have sewn them before I started by blog. You can see them on my instagram account: the Louisa dress, the Charles pants, the Lotta dress, the Lila Jumpsuit and the Noa pants. The Nore dress that I made recently for my daughter was the first Compagnie-M pattern on this blog. I almost never sew a pattern twice, however, Compagnie-M patterns are one of the few exceptions. I have sewn several Julia sweaters, both for my girls as for myself
In this post I want to show you the Nina skirt that I sewed for myself. I wanted a skirt that was light and breezy.
During our sewing weekend we were gifted the paper pattern of the Nina skirt and Culottes by Compagnie-M. It is a very versatile pattern, you can make a skirt or culottes. I adapted the pattern a bit. I cut the front piece of the skirt in two pieces to add a bit of color blocking. Well it is still the same fabric, but I like the effect. I also added a piece of fabric between the waistband and the skirt. It is piping, but then without the yarn. I also flared the sides of the skirt out a bit more. Because of the light and flowy fabric I thought that would be nice. 
The fabric comes from Ikea and is very thin. Perfect for warm weather, such as in Italy where I sewed the skirt, as well as for Indonesia, where we will be going in a couple of weeks! It is so thin that it was a bit see-through by itself. Therefore I lined the skirt (which is included in the pattern). The inner skirt is a bit longer than the outer skirt. I could have shortened the inner skirt, but again I liked the effect.
Fabric: fabric from Ikea
Pattern: Nina skirt by Compagnie-M

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

A split back Nore dress

I loved the Nore Dress from Compagnie-M when it came out and I bought it right away. Of course I made the version with the most color blocking options. I used different fabrics for the side panels and I made the split back option. 
The fabric with the girls comes from Stef's Stoffen, a fabric store right across my sewing machine dealer. This is great for a sewing related trip. I bought the fabric because I found the girls cute and I knew that our daughter would love it. When I had it at home I found it difficult to combine with other fabrics. Until I found the perfect combination.

The nosh fabric with the feathers is a piece of fabric that I won during the fashion week from Made-It Patterns in 2015. I also won some other fabric that I already used in other projects.
I sewed the Nore Dress during one of our sewing days. One of my best friends, Miranda from Inspinration, and I have been doing this for a couple of years already. We come together 2 or 3 times a year, together with our moms, who also sew, and another sewing friend to have a fun day of talking and sewing. The last time it was maybe more talking than sewing, but still I managed to sew the Nore Dress.
I wanted to add some fabric with stripes to the left side of the dress, but I did not have any fabric with stripes that matched the dress. Miranda (from inspinration) came to the rescue, she had some left over from the Nore dress she made for the release of the pattern.
The pattern (1Y - 10Y) starts off with a bit of a challenge with the pockets, but after that I was done quickly.
Pattern: Nore Dress by Compagnie-M
Fabric: Sulka Coral from Nosh fabric, Meisjes print from Stenzo and left over fabric from Miranda

Monday, 24 July 2017

Buttons, buttons and more buttons in the latona dress

A couple of months ago I sewed the Latona Dress for kids for our eldest. I just loved the dress and specifically the amazing back with all those buttons. I also wanted one for myself! A couple of months later Steph from The Eli Monster designed the Latona Dress for women. I would have loved to participate in the test of the dress, but we were busy with our wedding preparations and I sewed the outfits for both our girls so I did not have time to participate in the test. So when the dress came out I bought it right away and put it on my sewing list.
After I bought the pattern it was time to choose the fabric. I do not own too many large pieces of woven fabric and therefore didn't find the perfect match for the dress in my own stash. I went to Hoofs to buy the fabric. The grey fabric is square white/grey - B*inspired by Poppy.
The dress was finished pretty quickly after I put it on my sewing list. I wanted it to be finished before summer so I could wear it during the hot weather. All in all the dress is a pretty quick sew, the only time consuming activity are all those buttons. For the girl's dress I sewed 14 buttons and buttonholes. The back of the Latona Dress for women is fake, how would you dress yourself with those buttons...? So it is not necessary to sew the buttonholes, I did add the buttonholes to make the look complete. So for my own dress I sewed 22 buttonholes and 22 buttons. There is a zipper in the side of the dress to put the dress on.

The only thing that took some time was getting pictures. It is always difficult to make pictures of my own garments because I need somebody else to make the photos and the weather should cooperate as well. In Italy the surroundings are just beautiful and are perfect for the dress.
And did you see the pockets? A dress is perfect with pockets! The fit is perfect, I did not change anything. Well except that I added some color blocking to the bottom of the dress.
FabricThe grey fabric is square white/grey - B*inspired by Poppy.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Montis Tunic and Dress Release

The summer dresses (and tunic) patterns by Sofilantjes* are always a hit in our house. So is the new Montis Dress (also available in Dutch) that I made during testing. My husband thinks it is the best thing I ever sewed. Since my husband is always my most critical audience, that definitely says something. And of course my daughter has been wearing it since I finished it. It has a twirl, it has nice chameleons on it, it has pockets, what else does a girl want!
Montis, the name of the pattern, is latin for mountain as the dress looks like a mountain. The Montis Tunic and Dress (12M - 14 years) has two options for the top. The first option has three straps on the back and is lined. The second option has just one strap in the front and the back and is not lined, which is perfect for hot weather. The front and back of both options look the same. You can make the dress with tunic length or dress length. 
I made the second option with just one strap. As always with the Sofilantjes patterns, the fit is spot on. And an added bonus is that it looks so different from the previous Sofilantjes dresses. Luckily it is a quick sew, I was ill and had to finish the dress before the deadline. Within 1,5 hours I had cut the fabric and sewed the dress. The most time-consuming was cutting my own bias band and sewing the bias band on the bottom of the dress. I love the result. You can also add a rolled hem to the dress.

Fabric: all fabric comes from CareSStoffen
Pattern: Montis Tunic and Dress by Sofilantjes

* Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission, the price for you will be the same. Thank you for supporting my fabric and pattern addiction!
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